Elizabeth Olsen's "The Avengers" gave us 88 continuous minutes of horror. 

An underappreciated indie horror film shot in real time is called Silent House.The movie creates a scary atmosphere,

with realistic sound design and close-up camerawork.As the main character, 

Elizabeth Olsen gives an outstanding performance that successfully leads the movie and displays her emotional depth. 

While filming the 2011 independent horror feature Silent House, Elizabeth Olsen experienced nightmares. 

She told IndieWire, "We incorporate one [of my dreams] into the film." "It was really, really disturbing." 

It makes sense for a number of reasons. Based on filmmaker Gustavo Hernández's 2010 Uruguayan film La Casa Muda, 

Silent House does too much right in terms of style to be dismissed as "just a gimmick movie."The married team of filmmakers Chris Kentis ,

and Laura Lau, who previously helmed the frightful survival horror film Open Water in 2003, made their low-budget follow-up picture in the style of Alfred Hitchcock's Rope, 

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