Elizabeth Olsen once considered the Marvel Universe to be "genuinely broken." 

The captivating plots and fascinating characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies turned Elizabeth Olsen into a fan.  

However, she saw something about Marvel early on that may have set the show apart from previous superhero franchises. 

Olsen said that her knowledge of the comic books that inspired her Scarlet Witch character was quite limited. 

However, she developed a strong love for the MCU throughout the early stages of the universe. 

."I don't read comic books all that much," she once said to Total Film. "My brother is the comic book guy, but I like comic book movies." 

When I have a meeting, I ask my brother to explain the agenda. Of course, I had watched Avengers, though. 

Olsen was drawn to Marvel in part because of the way the company handled its mythology. 

Olsen thought the film studio did a good job of balancing mythological story elements with a grounded context. She felt that the movie series was a little damaged as a result.

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