Did James Franklin call out Pitt's Pat Narduzzi, Colorado's Deion Sanders?

Penn State coach James Franklin may have singled out another group of people in the sport when he explained why he uses his platform at news

conferences in a way that avoids upsetting his players: some of his FBS coaching colleagues.At his weekly news conference on Tuesday, 

Franklin admitted to the media that he occasionally chooses his words carefully in order to avoid offending his team or his players. He added that "

 "we have all seen examples of coaches that have not handled that well," not in an effort to avoid their questions.

"That is how it comes across and it causes problems, whether they meant to be that way or not," Franklin stated. 

"The tricky part is always finding a way to answer your question without taking one of those two actions.”

Although Franklin's statement lacked specifics, an outside observer need only look

back a little to see the kinds of examples the 10th-year coach of the Nittany Lions listed. Last weekend, a number of coaches—most notably Pat

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