Derrick Jones Jr. Proves Worth in Dallas Mavs’ Win: ‘This Is The Year I Get Recognition’

The Dallas Mavericks knew they were getting a smart seasoned defender who is also a significant lob threat when they beat out the Miami Heat in free agency for Derrick Jones Jr. 

this summer. What they undoubtedly didn't realize was that he'd put up 20 points in only his third game with the team. 

The Mavericks upset the Memphis Grizzlies on the road Monday, 125-110, and with Kyrie Irving out with a foot strain, Jones stepped in as Luka Doncic's co-star for the night 

He finished with 22 points and four rebounds on 7-10 shooting from the field and 4-6 from deep. It was only the third occasion in Jones' career that he had scored 20 points. 

"For me personally, I have put in a lot of work behind the scenes," Jones said following the game. "I haven't gotten the recognition that I believe I deserve this far in my career, 

and I feel like this year will be the year." "I'm going to shoot whenever there are open shots, drive whenever there is an open lane, and play simple basketball." 

After failing to provide much offense in the first two games, many questioned whether head coach Jason Kidd made the correct move in starting Jones ahead of fourth-year 

wing Josh Green. On Monday, Jones demonstrated exactly what the Mavericks see in him and their plans for him this season. 

"He made all the threes," Kidd remarked when asked what he looks for in a starter in Jones. "We want him to be himself. He's an expert. He's been around 

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