Deion Sanders won't let Travis Hunter back before he's ready

The Colorado Buffaloes, which are led by Deion Sanders, just lost their first game of the season. No. 9 Oregon beat them badly, 42-6.  

Colorado was the early favorite in college football, but after this loss, they are no longer in the Coaches Poll at all. They were at No. 19. The plan for the team doesn't get any better. 

This coming Saturday, Colorado will play No. 8 USC, who might be a harder opponent. However, Colorado will be at home for that game. 

.After the loss, Sanders and his team really need to show themselves, so you'd expect Coach Prime to do everything he can to give his team 

the best chance of winning. Sanders took a different method this afternoon, though. Instead of worrying about his athletes' next game, he chose to take care of them first. 

Sanders took out his phone during a team meeting and looked at text messages from star two-way player Travis Hunter.  

I need to play this week," the texts said. So I can get back on the field, we need to do everything we can. I won't take 'no' for an answer." 

you'll change how football is played. Your future is going to be better than mine ever was or ever will be. Get healthy and take it easy. "Son, I love you." 

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