Deion Sanders wants Colorado players reimbursed after robbery

Colorado coach Deion Sanders demanded on Tuesday that the NCAA or the Rose Bowl reimburse his players for jewelry, cash,  

and other goods stolen from their locker room after last week's 28-16 loss at UCLA.Officials from the UCLA athletic department confirmed Monday that the athletic department had filed 

a report with the Pasadena Police Department regarding goods allegedly stolen from the Buffaloes' locker room. 

"Last week, our youngsters were robbed during the game. "I think that's a travesty," Sanders said at a press conference in Boulder, Colorado. "I would expect the NCAA to take action on this." 

"We're at the Rose Bowl. They said the granddaddy of them all, didn't they? Granddaddy must have had some money. Grandpa should have some money to offer to these children." 

The UCLA Bruins play their home games in the Rose Bowl, which is located about 26 miles northeast of campus.  

The Rose Bowl Operating Company, a non-profit company, manages the stadium, which is owned by the city of Pasadena. 

Sanders stated that the majority of his players did not have insurance for the stolen stuff. It has not been revealed what was taken from the Buffaloes' locker room. 

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