Deion Sanders talks 'noodling' ahead of Colorado's game vs. UCLA at the Rose Bowl

The content provided describes a statement made by Deion Sanders, the Colorado football coach, about certain recreational activities he mentioned as things that 

Black folks don't do." He highlighted three specific activities - deep-sea diving, bungee jumping,  

and noodling, mentioning that these activities are generally not part of the typical activities engaged in by the Black community during leisure time. 

Sanders, known for his love of bass fishing and riding all-terrain vehicles on his ranch during the team's bye week, 

used the platform of the Colorado Football Coaches Show in Boulder to express his perspective on these activities,  

indicating they are not part of the typical leisure pursuits of the Black community. 

The statement seems to reflect his personal observations or cultural perceptions, suggesting that these particular recreational activities are 

less common or not preferred among the Black community. This commentary was made in the context of discussing his team's activities during their recent break, 

with the Buffaloes preparing to face the UCLA Bruins. 

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