Deion Sanders says NCAA or Rose Bowl should reimburse Colorado players for missing locker room item

Deion Sanders wants his team to be compensated for the lost goods from the Colorado locker room during the Buffaloes' 

weekend game at the Rose Bowl against UCLA, the 20th-ranked team.

His recommendation? The National Basketball Association. Perhaps the Rose Bowl as well.At his weekly press conference on Tuesday, 

 "That do not make no sense when you are out there balling and playing your heart out and you are getting robbed in the same aspect." "So,

NCAA, I am hoping we can take some action in that regard. In terms of children, 

NCAA, you take action regarding all other issues — take action regarding this one as well."

In Pasadena, California, the police are still interviewing people, watching surveillance footage, 

and determining what missing objects were reported. Additionally, Sanders is assisting in that area by creating a list of the items that staff members and players have lost.

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