Deion Sanders Responds to a Former NFL Player After Being Called Out in Public

Following Colorado's defeat at the hands of the UCLA Bruins this past weekend

there were rumors circulating that a number of Buffaloes had been taken advantage of in the Rose Bowl.

The Colorado players claim that during the 28-16 defeat, money and jewelry were taken from their lockers.

A squad managed by Deion Sanders has experienced locker-room robberies before.

When Coach Prime made his debut at Jackson State, something similar happened—his personal items were taken from the locker room.

Sanders released a number of statements into the public eye after the Edwards Waters robbery in 2021. 

Furthermore, Doc Holliday, a former NFL player, is requesting that Coach Prime "keep that same energy" when it arrives to UCLA.

In a video, Holliday said, "I remember when you went off when you were coaching at Jackson State."

 You essentially attacked both the city and the university.

This weekend, Sanders and the Buffaloes take on Oregon State in an attempt to restart their season.

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