Deion Sanders on player property theft: "Who is the Rose Bowl thief?"

Despite not being the best college football team, USA Today Sports (Video) Colorado's 

on-field success may not be as significant to the NCAA as its popularity

Deion Sanders, the football coach for Colorado, demanded action from the NCAA regarding reports that he and his staff were robbed during Saturday night's 28-16 loss to UCLA at the Rose Bowl.

He said that a number of his colleagues had reported missing money and jewelry from their locker room and that they would compile a list of the lost

goods in the hopes of getting paid back. Sanders went so far as to propose that the Rose Bowl foot the bill.

What part, if any, the NCAA would play in a theft that allegedly took place during a football game is unclear. 

Sanders, though, is hoping they get one in this.

On Saturday night on ESPN, Sanders' team (4-4) takes on No. 19 Oregon State (6-2). "NCAA, you do something about everything else," Sanders said. "Take action on this one."

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