Deion Sanders discusses 'noodling' ahead of Colorado's Rose Bowl matchup against UCLA. 

Deion Sanders, the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, enjoys fishing for bass and recently spent time riding all-terrain vehicles on his ranch in Texas during his team's bye week. 

But, as he stated Thursday on the monthly Colorado Football Coaches Show in Boulder, there are a couple things he didn't do and never will do during his time off from work. 

He referred to them as the "three things Black people don't do."We don't do deep sea diving." We don't do bungee jumping. We're not fooling around, are we? 

We don't do that," said Sanders, whose Buffaloes (4-3) meet the No. 24 UCLA Bruins (5-2) in the Rose Bowl on Saturday in Pasadena, California.

Noodling is the act of catching catfish with your hand by entering the water and reaching into catfish holes in the hope that they bite. It might result in arm bruises and bites. 

The subject came up when the show's host, Mark Johnson, inquired about Sanders' free time and if he fishes for catfish. 

"I hate catfish," Sanders declared. "Catfish take all your bait food," he remarked. They devour anything and everything. They grate on the nerves." 

Johnson then inquired about Sanders' experience with noodling."Oh my God," Sanders exclaimed.He stated that one of his Atlanta Falcons teammates will show him his damaged arm. 

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