Deion Sanders Called Out For Throwing His Players Under The Bus After Loss

Deion Sanders, the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, is facing criticism for his remarks made during the team's Saturday night loss to UCLA.

On Saturday night, the Buffaloes fell to their Pac-12 opponent, 28-16. They are now 4-4 for the year.

Shedeur Sanders, the quarterback for Colorado, was hit repeatedly during the game.

The offensive line for the Buffaloes was a terrible mess.

After the game, Coach Prime expressed his opinions.

"Overall, you should go hire a new lineman. That's the scene, and I'll paint it just so." Sanders is being criticized by some for undervaluing his players.

"Oh my. When they started losing, I anticipated things would become ugly, but wow.This isn't going to get the boys interested,

block for yer son," a supporter commented. Of course, some think Sanders is just being truthful. After all, on Saturday night, his offensive line undoubtedly had difficulties.

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