These five practices are followed by deeply attached couples to boost their chances of remaining together.

1. Regularly pleasant encounters. In fact, conversations between strongly linked couples—even simple ones like "good morning" or, more specifically, when they argue—encourage one another and make them feel better about leaving.

 It appears that they both understand the need of having positive communication in order to foster a healthy relationship.

2. Philosophical intersubjectivity. According to its definition, intersubjectivity is "the process and product of sharing experiences, knowledge, understandings, and expectations with others." 

A partnership can be deemed closely related when it is founded on a shared philosophy and a readiness to exchange ideas and viewpoints.

3. Always discovering new things about their relationship, themselves, and each other. In order to better understand and orient your partner in terms of themselves

4. Inside jokes and pet names. A strongly connected pair is indicated by the sharing of personal information and the creation of nicknames and jokes for one another.

5. Confirmation of their dedication to one another. The word "betrayal" has no significance or meaning in a relationship where the parties are close.

All-around trust as well as respect for one another's needs and boundaries are essential components of a fully committed partnership.

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