Dallas Cowboys kicker Brandon Aubrey made NFL history in Arizona.

After Sunday's loss, Dallas Cowboys supporters demand greater redzone productivity. 

Dallas was 20% (1/5) in that desert area, so this makes perfect sense. 

I hope the coming weeks bring answers, but in the meantime, try this or this from our amazing site crew. 

The Cowboys may struggle to reach the paint in the redzone, but they still stand to score. 

Brandon Aubrey, a top NFL kicker, has given the Cowboys an edge through three games. 

On Sunday, Aubrey accomplished something unprecedented in Super Bowl history, which is cool. 

The fact that Brandon Aubrey has had so many field goal opportunities is not ideal, but he can only do what he is asked, and he has been asked a lot lately. 

Three games into the season, the Cowboys have sent out the field goal unit 10 times and Aubrey has kicked 10 field goals. 

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