Daily Briefing: Is Donald Trump likely to be arrested soon?

In the event that Donald Trump's allegations that he will be arrested on Tuesday come to pass,

it will be the first time in American history that a former president has been charged with a crime. In other news, 

The 33-year-old celebrity is rumored to have given the astounding amount to each and every truck driver who has been transporting her tour gear across the United States.

 this week law enforcement will make public horrifying video footage of a man's death in a state mental hospital. 

. Following the most recent flood to hit the state in recent months, California is bracing for even more flooding.

That comprises "band members, dancers, lighting and sound technicians, and caterers," according to TMZ.

Former President Donald Trump’s calls for protests ahead of his anticipated indictment in New York have generated mostly muted

reactions from supporters. It suggests that the hundreds of convictions and long prison sentences that followed the Jan. 6, 2021,

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