Cowboys QB Is a "Intriguing" Trade Prospect for NFC Opponent

At the trade deadline, could the Dallas Cowboys turn out to be surprise sellers rather than buyers? 

According to Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports, the Minnesota Vikings may become involved in a trade for Trey Lance, the quarterback for the Cowboys. With rookie Jaren Hall now 

expected to start, Minnesota will be searching for a veteran quarterback in the wake of starting quarterback Kirk Cousins' likely season-ending Achilles injury. 

Lance is portrayed by Benjamin as a "intriguing long-term swing" who may be dealt for a "higher price" than the fourth-round pick that was used to obtain him in August. 

"The fleeting face of the 49ers is still only 23 years old, and Minnesota reportedly discussed a potential trade for his services in the offseason," writes Benjamin. 

"Hidden away in Dallas as the No. 3 QB behind Dak Prescott and Cooper Rush." Though, as an NFL passer, he is still completely unknown 

this is an athlete who was selected third overall just two years prior. He was raised in Minnesota and was a standout player for NDSU prior to his injury-plagued career 

in San Francisco, making him something of a hometown hero. The Cowboys signed him in August because they saw enough potential in him, but maybe they could get a better deal now 

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