Cowboys playoff picture: The Eagles' win over the Chiefs maintains their NFC East lead.

The Dallas Cowboys had a fantastic day on Sunday. 

They won, and the rest of the day's activity saw all of the other challenges to Wild Card slots in the NFC  

But Monday night had to happen, and the Philadelphia Eagles were on the field.  

With Dallas having already fallen to Philadelphia this season, they are looking them down in the race for the NFC East title 

Those three teams were the primary Wild Card competitors to Dallas before the week 

and with their losses on top of Dallas' win, some breathing room has been established. 

Outside of being the top seed, the best position for an NFC playoff club to be in is the #5 spot 

given that the Wild Card Round would feature a trip to face the champion of the NFC South.  

The New Orleans Saints now top that division and appear to be a less-than-threatening rival for anyone 

The next two weeks will then bring us to the next showdown between Dallas and Philadelphia, and while the animosity exists, the reality is that if Philly does not win, Dallas will. 

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