Cowboys News: Dallas Pressed for a $31 million trade to acquire a three-time pro bowler

The Dallas Cowboys need assistance filling out the roster, especially with regard to playmakers who are adept at posing a threat in the red zone. 

This is hardly shocking news. Zach Ertz of the Cardinals is a tight end that the Cowboys are reportedly interested in trading for.

When the trade deadline for the Cowboys arrives on October 31, 2023, it remains to be seen if their record will be full of tricks or treats. Alex Ballentine

of Bleacher Report named three players—Ertz leading the group—who would be the best fit for Dallas in a possible trade.

On October 11, Ballentine wrote, "The ability to play more 12 personnel (one running back, two tight ends) could help Dallas find some consistency."

 The Cowboys rank sixth in EPA per play when using that personnel grouping, but they are only ranked 22nd in usage, according to 33rd Team.

Locating an experienced player who can complement Ferguson might prove to be a highly beneficial decision. It would be very logical to target Zach Ertz. The Cowboys

are acquainted with his abilities as a former Philadelphia Eagle, and he is presently in the last year of his contract with the struggling Cardinals, who are unlikely to win this season.

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