Cowboys Make Likely Decision on Rumored Blockbuster Titans Trade: Report

As of the latest report by Sports Illustrated's Mike Fisher, the Dallas Cowboys are reportedly not actively pursuing a trade 

for Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry, despite the ongoing rumors linking the star player to the Cowboys. 

Fisher's report suggests that, according to sources, the Cowboys, at the moment, are not engaging in discussions to acquire Derrick Henry.  

The indication is that the idea of acquiring Henry is more prevalent in the media than it is within the Dallas organization 

The report points out that while the Cowboys and their fan base may hope that the team has thoroughly evaluated Derrick Henry as a potential trade target, 

the current stance seems to be that he is not a primary target for the Cowboys. Fisher emphasizes the notion that circumstances could change, 

Especially if the Titans were to make Henry available for a trade that involves a minimal pick and potential salary sharing 

However, as of the report's writing, it seems that the Dallas Cowboys aren't actively pursuing or considering Derrick Henry as a front-burner target for their team.  

This doesn't completely rule out the possibility of future changes or the potential for trade talks to evolve, especially given the fluid nature of NFL trade scenarios. 

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