Cowboys cut ties with veteran before Week 3 game 

The Dallas Cowboys made an unexpected roster move before the Cardinals game. Dallascowboys.

Com contributor Patrik “No C” Walker stated that the Cowboys released veteran RB Ronald Jones.Those who have been paying attention should not be surprised by this move.

Jones' status on the roster was questioned during training camp. He didn't help himself by testing positive for PEDs in a random test in early August.

Jones disputed the positive test but was suspended for two games before rejoining the club. Jones might return to team facilities on Monday morning after his suspension was lifted.

What capacity was unknown. We had no idea he was out of the Cowboys' plans. Jones' Cowboys career will be characterized by a 2023 NFL transaction wire line.It just makes Jones a free agent.

He cannot be waived because he has over four seasons of service.As long as the local NFL team is interested, Jones can sign with any team with his $152,500 signing bonus from Dallas.

Jones ended up being a Cowboys camp body, but he can at least brag about being in shape for other suitors.It simply means they wasted Jones' signing bonus.

This won't effect the Cowboys anyway. From training camp on, the signs were clear, and Jones' positive PED test made them bolder.

According to Dallas Morning News reporter Michael Gehlken, Jones had no place on the depth chart.

"Age is just a word for living," said Anne Hathaway.

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