'Concerned' Britney Spears fans react to singer's knife dance, in which she pretends to hurt oneself

Fans were worried after seeing a series of innocuous Instagram images from Britney Spears that appeared to show her dancing with knives and sustaining cuts. 

It seems harmless enough that the 41-year-old pop sensation, who is the queen of famous dance moves,  

would publish a series of videos of herself letting loose in her home room. 

In the first video, released on Monday, the Toxic songstress used two butcher's knives as props, which frightened fans. 

It all started with a casual "I started playing in the kitchen with knives today [three shrug emojis]"; she later clarified that the knives were just props for Halloween. 

A few hours later, she shared another video of herself twirling around her kitchen while her three dogs looked on,  

on, this time with a bandage on her wrist and an apparent cut on her thigh. 

The singer of "Baby One More Time" changed out of her polka-dot outfit and into a white crop top and bright pink thongs,  

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