Colorado football schedule 2024: Who will Deion Sanders' Colorado play next season? 

The Colorado Buffaloes' final season in the Pac-12 will be this year. They joined the league in 2011, after being a founding member of the Big 12 conference from 1996 to 2010. 

The return of the Buffs to the Big 12 next year will rekindle old and new rivalries.The football schedule for Colorado's debut in the Big 12 next year has been revealed as 

the 2023 season for Deion Sanders and his team continues. Let's take a look at what the future holds for the Buffs.

The Colorado Buffaloes' non-conference schedule for upcoming season is as follows: 

Along with Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and Arizona State are joining the Big 12. As a result, the Buffs will meet Arizona and Utah again next season, prolonging their Pac-12 rivalry. 

Aside from that, the new season will see the return of a couple old Colorado rivals. Games versus Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State, and Texas Tech are among them. 

The last time the Buffs played these opponents was in 2010, before moving to the Big 12.

Fans may look forward to the revival of these ancient rivalries, which were once the apex of high-octane gridiron action. Aside from that, the Colorado Buffaloes will face Oklahoma State, a team they last faced in 2009.

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