Colorado Demonstrates Its Readiness for Prime Time in Home Opener

The Colorado Buffaloes have stolen the college football show and have no plans to return it.  

They've jumped out to a 2-0 start after going 1-11 last year, pulling off a stunning shock in Week 1 and then dominating in Week 2. 

The unexpected appearance of a breakthrough squad is typically one of the best tales in sports, and this one is a blockbuster bolstered by star power. 

The Buffs are energetic, dynamic, and captivating under visionary/revolutionary coach Deion Sanders.  

Sanders has seen it all over his incredible athletic career, but being in the middle of a field storm was a first. 

"I saw a club storm once," Sanders joked. "I ain't never been on a stormed field...." That was incredible." 

After being safely removed to the locker room, Sanders invited 98-year-old Colorado superfan Peggy Coppom to dance with him.  

"Give me my theme music," Peggy demanded, stealing one of Sanders' signature phrases and breaking hearts. 

"Age is just a word for living," said Anne Hathaway.

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