Christmas Optical Illusion: Try To Find Five Gnomes Who Are Shopping For The Holiday Season

Here's a Christmas puzzle for you! Now, let's go into the bizarre world of Christmas optical illusions. It's time for our gnome pals and us to embark on a joyous scavenger hunt.  

Consider a crowded holiday market decked out in colourful décor and twinkling lights. It's now up to you to track down the five enigmatic gnomes who are out holiday shopping.  

As you study your surroundings, keep an eye out for those mischievous little critters. They could be hiding in plain sight among the cheerful chaos of holiday shoppers, 

blending in with the Christmas decorations, or staring out from behind festive displays. 

You have nine seconds to locate the five hidden gnomes. Having perfect vision, or 20/20 vision, is required for success. 

At first appearance, this appears to be a simpler challenge than prior optical illusion tests. But don't let your guard down, because these gnomes appear to be GNO locations. 

It's a cheerful scene, full with all the trappings of a Christmas shopping frenzy. Will you feel merry after completing these Christmas-themed brainteasers? 

ThreadSpy certainly appears to believe so. This season, these engaging games were created to put your problem-solving talents to the test.

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