Christine's child support request is referred to as 'disguised spousal support' by Kevin Costner's divorce court.

The judge referred to Christine Baumgartner's proposed increase in Kevin Costner's child support during their ongoing divorce as "disguised spousal support. 

On September 1, Judge Thomas Anderle decided in favor of Costner, resulting in additional monthly child support payments of $63,209. 

"Christine will be able to persuade the Court that she is entitled to spousal support." 

Baumgartner had previously requested that child support payments be increased by $31,837 for a total monthly payment of $161,592. 

Anderle considered both Costner and Baumgartner "credible" when they testified during the two-day hearing on child support.  

The judge "did not find [Costner] embellished any of his testimony by relying on his profession; his testimony was straightforward; there was 'no acting'; 

The judge also considered Costner's estranged wife "credible" and did not "perceive any intention by [Baumgartner] to mislead the Court."  

Anderle stated that Baumgartner's evidence was "not much help" in terms of child support. 

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