Brock Purdy is the best passer in the NFL. His best work is yet to come.

California's SANTA CLARA - Trent Williams held court in front of his stall in a nearly empty San Francisco 49ers locker room,  

inspiring his audience to consider what Brock Purdy might develop into in the future. 

Consider that. Although Purdy, 23, is the league's best passer, tops the league in pass efficiency, 

and has a good chance of leading the 49ers to a Super Bowl victory, he is still a rookie in terms of NFL quarterbacks. A grown-up baby, please. 

Brock was a rookie the previous year, Williams remarked. "Flung into the flames. close to the year's finish. 

The athlete you see right now is not the same player you saw in late 22 or early January. The brain bank has a ton more information. 

You obviously can't buy experience. It's the one item in any system that can benefit any player. 

Williams is aware. Everything is not automated. Things happen. 

The OpenAI Board of Directors maintains its decision to force Sam Altman out of his position as CEO.