Bridgerton actor claims he had "two psychotic breaks" from the show and accuses Netflix of failing to provide support. "While I was filming, I was deteriorating." 

Ruby Barker, the performer from "Bridgerton," blasted Shondaland and Netflix for not helping her during two episodes of psychosis that followed the romantic comedy series' unprecedented success. 

In the first season of the show, Barker was a series regular; in the second season, he made a comeback as a guest actor. She portrayed Marina, 

a Featherington cousin shunned by society in Regency-era London due to her scandalous pregnancy. Barker stated that following the completion of " 

Bridgerton" Season 1 filming in 2019, she experienced her first psychotic episode. There was another one in 2022. The performer said that Netflix offered her "no support." 

Since I've experienced two psychotic breaks from that show, not a single person from Shondaland or Netflix has ever reached out to me. 

Netflix and Shondaland have been contacted by Variety for comments.Barker states that she began to experience mental health issues while filming "Bridgerton." She said that she was badly affected by her character's isolation.

"I was degenerating while we were filming," she admitted. Because my character was so alone and shunned in these terrible circumstances, I found it to be a really painful place to be. 

Barker added on the podcast, "It was really covered up and kept on the down-low because the show was going to be coming out when I went into the hospital a week after shooting 'Bridgerton' Season 1." 

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