Brian Daboll dragged the Giants out of a ditch, only to drive them back into it.

Reputations in the NFL are like goldfish in a family house. You must not only nourish them, but also guard them against strange, unexpected,  

and unexplainable things. occasionally a goldfish needs to survive having a whole can of Coke or a full bag of potato chips dumped in its tank,  

and occasionally a reputation has to survive losing a game with 30 seconds left that you had a 99.9 percent chance of winning. 

Brian Daboll wasn't the darling of New York coming into this season — that would be Aaron Rodgers, who held that title for all of four plays 

but coming off a 9-7-1 season in which he earned NFL Coach of the Year, expectations for Daboll were high enough. 

The Giants are 2-6 after injuries to both newly extended quarterback Daniel Jones and backup Tyrod Taylor, leaving them five games behind the division lead in just eight weeks. 

The ugliness continues. The Giants rank 32nd in points scored, thanks to quarterbacks who spent more time in the medical tent than under center and a devastated offensive line. 

The club didn't even have a double-digit lead until the seventh game of the season, making them the last in the NFL to accomplish so.  

Things reached a nadir on Sunday, when the Giants had a victory in hand... and then just kicked it away. 

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