Bradley Cooper talks about the complicated Bernstein nose row.

Changing their body, hair, or wearing prosthetics for parts is frequent for actors.  

Recently, Bradley Cooper's portrayal of West Side Story composer Leonard Bernstein has been criticized for his large nose.  

The first Maestro video, published this week, depicts Cooper wearing makeup to enlarge his nose, which some have interpreted as derogatory Jewish stereotypes.  

Bernstein's family said they were "perfectly fine" with Cooper's performance and that it "breaks our heart to see people... misunderstanding his efforts".  

Cooper is not Jewish, which has sparked a long-running Hollywood dispute about casting minority roles with similar traits.  

The extent of Bernstein's Jewish heritage in Maestro is unknown. The film opens in Venice next month and is released on Netflix in December without reviews.  

This is hardly the first picture to be criticized for authentic casting and life experience.  

Scarlett Johansson dropped out of Rub & Tug as a transgender guy in 2018.  

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