Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones's Top 12 Stocks to Buy

This article will look at the top 12 stocks to buy according to billionaire Paul Tudor Jones. 

If you want to skip our introduction to the well-known hedge fund manager, his financial firm, and the broader stock market

Paul Tudor Jones is one of the world's wealthiest hedge fund investors.

He founded his hedge fund Tudor Investment Corporation in 1980, and it has since grown to be quite large. 

Tudor Investment's portfolio was worth $9.9 billion at the end of the third quarter of this year, up $1.6 billion from the previous quarter. 

Mr. Tudor, like other seasoned hedge fund managers, has earned his share of stock market accolades. In 1987, he made some of his most well-known bets, betting against both the American and Japanese stock markets.

The year 1987 is one of the most well-known periods in stock market history, and it is now remembered as the year of the Black Monday event (on October 19).

he stock market crash came after a five-year bull run, when investors began to worry that valuations were a little too high. 

This caused them to place a large number of bets against the market, and due to market closure, when all of these were executed at the same time, the market crashed.

Tudor Investment's investment portfolio has more than doubled in the last year, making its most recent investments even more important. 

Today, we looked at some of billionaire Paul Tudor's latest stock picks, including VMware, Inc. (NYSE:VMW), Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ:SPLK), and Seagen Inc. (NASDAQ:SGEN).

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