Beyoncé wore statement shades throughout the Renaissance World Tour and played a part in making them cool again

Basic rectangular frames, get out of your way. It is time to celebrate quirky and outrageous glasses.

Instead of boring sunglasses, celebrities are wearing ones with unique shapes, unusual proportions, and a vibrant array of colors.

Furthermore, stylists who talked with Insider claim that Beyoncé had a hand in making the statement sunnies fashionable.

Insider was told by Elisabeth Kassab, founder of STYLISTCHECK, that Beyoncé is an icon regardless of the genre. "But in terms of style specifically,

 she brought statement sunglasses back into style. particularly in light of the recent past of the sleek, understated black sunglasses trend.

 Recently, people have been trying to incorporate a little something unique into their appearances. whether it is through bold jewelry, a belt, or, as in this instance,

sunglasses."The multi-award-winning performer recently concluded her Renaissance World Tour, 

 in which the storyline heavily emphasized fashion. The singer wore lots of custom couture, 

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