Best sunglasses to buy this summer based on your zodiac sign

Aries are known for being independent, and they never follow trends; instead, they start them. 

This earth sign likes earthy colors like green and brown and prefers to be useful over following the latest trend. 

Geminis always want to try something new. They change their style often, which means they have to be versatile and wear items with a bit of an edge.  

Cancer is ruled by the moon and its colors, which are White, Silver, Grey, and even Cream. Cancer is a very emotional sign. 

This sign wants to be noticed. Most people avoid glasses with mirror lenses or rhinestones on the frames, but Leos love to make people look twice. 

This earth sign is all about the details and loves well-made things. Think of basics that are taken to the next level and have a clean, understated beauty that can be worn year after year.  

Libra is a sign of the zodiac, and its color is pink. These Balenciaga sunglasses are perfect in every way. 

She has a strange, dark, and intense personality, and her sense of style matches that. Scorpios will want to keep a pair of big, thick, dark glasses as their favorite everyday accessory. 

A Sagittarius, who is one of the most bold zodiac signs, is always making plans for their next trip.  

A serious and organized zodiac sign that makes people feel like they are in charge. Large cat-eye frames will give you that cool look that everyone wants.  

Choose a pair of peach oval-shaped frames to show off your quirky side, Aquarius. People wouldn't expect it, and neither do you. 

A true free spirit with an affinity for off-beat colours and design.  

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