Babies are dying and bodies are rotting inside Gaza's largest hospital, which has ceased operations.

The Gaza City Al-Shifa Hospital has run out of fuel and medicines. Newborns are dying, and with incubators turned off, many babies in intensive care are in danger of dying. 

 Thousands of people are trapped inside the facility, and several bodies are left unattended.

Gaza's situation is dire. A healthcare crisis is erupting as Israel continues its relentless assault on the Hamas-controlled enclave. 

 Al-Shifa Hospital, Gaza's largest medical facility, has shut down. According to its director, Mohammad Abu Salmiya, all essential units have collapsed.

Over the past few days, the area around the hospital in Gaza City, in the north of the Gaza Strip, has seen intense fighting between Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Hamas operatives.

According to reports, tanks and armored vehicles are within meters of the medical complex's entrance.

Since the war with Hamas began more than a month ago, the Al-Shifa Hospital has served as a refuge for thousands of people who have been displaced due to Israeli bombardment.

Several patients are dying, including babies. Doctors are working against the clock to save them because the hospital is reportedly out of fuel and medicines.

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