At first, Taylor Sheridan can understand why no one wanted to visit Yellowstone. 

If I were a studio executive who turned down Taylor Sheridan's proposal for the Yellowstone, I would hate to say no. 

Fortunately, the show's creative director prevented Western tiredness from derailing his intentions, 

and Paramount emerged victorious.Taylor Sheridan has an amazing small screen empire, 

of which Yellowstone is just one aspect. Yellowstone is currently one of the biggest TV shows on the air. 

The Yellowstone timeline dates all the way back to 1883, with several spin-offs in between, 

demonstrating how well-liked it is. But since studios miscalculated the appeal of the Western genre, we were almost cheated out of some of the best drama programs. 

When Sheridan spoke with CBS, he described how several networks had passed on Yellowstone because they believed that ,

no one was interested in watching a Western on television: "Anytime Hollywood says a genre is dead, it's because they made a bunch of bad movies about it."

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