Astrologers have identified the Zodiac sign most likely to spy on their partners.

Although your partner is unlikely to use binoculars or employ a private detective, they may nevertheless spy on you. Today, iPhones, email, and Google make snooping easy.  

Astrologers discuss the zodiac signs most prone to spy on their partners, so if you're wondering if your partner is untrusting, take their advice. Learn which signs—from suspicious to paranoid—made the list. 

"Ruled by the Sun, Leos' planetary influence can make them confident, expressive, and theatrical," says Mysticsense astrologer Rachel Clare. 

Leos can get suspicious if they don't obtain reinforcement and praise. In such circumstances, psychic reader and astrologer Emily Newman says they often search their partner's phone, computer, and wallet. 

Virgo isn't untrustworthy. The author says, "If Virgo chooses you, you are perfect and honest with them." 

But this sign's meticulous temperament can change their mind. "Virgo is all about schedules and routines," says astrologer Lisa Barretta. 

Clare says "Geminis are curious, social butterflies who love to communicate and learn new things." They are talkative and gossipy, so they ask a lot of questions and spy 

This month, use some Virgoan realism and meticulousness in your communication, work, and other systems—especially until September 15, when Mercury is retrograde.  

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