A'sneaky' new skill demonstrated by a golden retriever is genius

Seeing the relationship develop between two dog siblings is a lot of fun. Like people, they play games, cuddle, and tease each other. 

This is demonstrated by two Golden Retriever siblings who also highlight the intelligence of this dog breed.

Gamja and Chip (@gamjamypotato), two TikTok users, posted a video of the toy boys playing together on November 10. They also shared a funny trick that one of them learned. Look at this!

The two are enjoying themselves while playing on the grass outside with their favorite toy, a ball. There is only one ball, so they are jokingly attempting to knock it off each other.  

And one of the dogs managed to recover the ball in a very funny and ingenious way

"As the two puppies play, my dog discovers a new skill; the text on the video reads.

Chip is seen playing with an orange ball at the beginning of the clip before dropping it.

Gamja is pursuing him closely, and as soon as he drops the ball, Gamja claims ownership of it.

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