As Caitriona Balfe describes, having an intimacy coordinator changed Outlander. 

Outlander star Caitriona Balfe discussed how hiring an intimacy coordinator benefited the series at a session at the ATX TV Festival,  

prior to the Hollywood actor strike. The sultry and passionate love scenes in Outlander are well-known. 

Surprisingly, Balfe and Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) handled all those sex sequences alone because there wasn't always an intimacy coordinator on site. 

Not that I'm surprised, but whoa, congrats to them!The creative team ultimately opted to bring on intimacy coordinator Vanessa Coffey, 

despite the fact that Balfe and Heughan did a fantastic job bringing those nasty sex sequences to life. 

And it did not hurt, Balfe said.Balfe was dubious when she learned that an intimacy coordinator would be joining the group. 

"We've also started working with the most incredible intimacy co-ordinator and it's amazing, 

because I probably was one of the people like 'I don't think we need that, we've been doing this s**t ourselves and figuring it out for a while, 

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