As 1989 (Taylor's Version) gets released, Imogen Heap reveals photos from the Clean recording session.

Regarding Swift, she stated, "This is Taylor playing a bada-- card to stay in control of her work."

Imogen Heap posted a statement on her experience recording the thirteenth song on the 2014 album and re-recording it for the recently released 1989 (Taylor's Version). 

Imogen Heap co-authored and co-produced the 1989 single "Clean" with Taylor Swift.

"Taylor's version" of 1989 was released today.2014 saw the album's initial release. 

The most recent installment in Heap's effort to re-record every album she has ever released as a part of an old record agreement.

As she uploaded images from the studio on Instagram on Friday, October 27.

According to her, Taylor is using this as a battle card to maintain control over her career in a commercial music industry that often opposes artists.

"This is me in my studio re-recording my bits on Clean last year, almost a decade on from the day Taylor swooped in to visit me at my home the @theround.

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