An Update on "6666" by Taylor Sheridan, Season 1 (November 2023) 

The rise of the Paramount Network has been greatly aided by Yellowstone,

which also includes the numerous Taylor Sheridan shows, including the spinoffs of Yellowstone that have appeared on Paramount+. 

Two other spinoffs, 1883 and 1923, have so far released seasons; the latter has been renewed for a second run. 

In addition, 2024 and 1944 will ultimately make an appearance, but 6666—a more intriguing-sounding series—will also enter the picture. 

Is there any chance that some of these shows will air before the last episodes of Yellowstone? 

Never say never, and things have undoubtedly changed since Kevin Costner left. 

These are the details that have been leaking about 6666, which will undoubtedly stream onParamount+ when it does, 

as well as potentially some other place—for example, 1923 has already made it to Comedy Central (as a Paramount property).

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