Ahsoka's World Between Worlds: An Overuse.

The introduction of the World Between Worlds in Star Wars: Rebels added a little complexity to the Star Wars universe. 

Viewers still have a lot to learn about this weird reality, but one thing is certain 

it creates gateways to other eras within the Star Wars canon.  

It helped Ahsoka in Rebels to avoid Darth Vader's lethal wrath and was utilized once more in Disney+'s Ahsoka to bring the apprentice back to his master.  

Because of its close ties to the Force, the World Between Worlds may be seen by viewers many more times even though its secrecy will always be preserved. 

But there's such a thing as too much good storytelling, and the Star Wars world might suffer long-term consequences if the World Between Worlds' time travel mechanism is used. 

It undoubtedly has numerous advantages, and this essential narrative approach may even bring about dream scenarios.  

However, this strategy will become much less effective if LucasFilm's creative team uses it too frequently.  

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