After the 'Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,' Watch These 8 Incredible Concert Films

If you enjoyed the vicarious excitement of watching a concert onscreen after seeing "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour" in a theater, 

here are eight more videos of live shows chosen by the Culture desk writers that will offer you a taste of the same experience. 

Beyoncé has just revealed a new concert film, which will be released in December. Until then, there's her Coachella performance from 2018.  

It was legendary stuff. Bands marching! A reunion of Destiny's Child! So when "Homecoming" became available on Netflix the next year, it actually felt like a gift. 

The picture is full of intriguing paradoxes, feeling both intimate and massive at the same time.  

The formal elegance of "Stop Making Sense" elevates it, and is what has made its recent 40th anniversary rerelease in theaters such a sensation.  

David Byrne begins onstage alone with a tape player and, as more musicians join in with each song, ends up as the large-suited ringleader of a rock 'n' roll circus. 

Jonathan Demme, the director, understands that he doesn't require extravaganza or special effects to captivate: he just allows each frame to fill with the charisma of a great band.