After returning to Argentina, Lionel Messi strikes a pose in front of a World Cup mural. 

For the upcoming international matches for the Albiceleste, the 36-year-old took a plane back to Buenos Aires. 

Upon his arrival, Messi was posed in front of a massive artwork that showed him hoisting the renowned trophy from last December."Feliz de volver siempre," 

or "Always happy to be back," was the caption Messi wrote when he uploaded the photo to Instagram. 

After playing in the Noche d'Or match between Inter Miami and New York City FC, Lionel Messi took a plane to Argentina. 

Instead of competing in the playoffs, the two sides played a friendly game to commemorate Messi's incredible eighth Ballon d'Or victory.

Argentina had a countrywide celebration following their World Cup victory in Qatar, 

but they are currently back in action to advance to the next event. The United States, Mexico, 

and Canada will co-host the 2026 edition, and the holders will no longer automatically qualify.

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