Adorable Small Garden Designs That Will Not Cost You a Fortune

Simple and stunning ways to revamp your balcony, backyard and front gardens 

Being surrounded by fresh greenery and florals improves our physical, emotional and mental well-being — which means houseplants and outdoor gardens are the key to making your house feel like a home, both indoors and out.  

Create a spot dedicated to potting and trimming your outdoor plants. The best part? This table is made from a few galvanized barrels and an old wooden door. 

Gardening Station

If you don't have floor space to display your plants, mount pots onto the exterior of your house. 

Livng Wall

Instantly elevate a small garden space with a beautiful bird house wind chime, like designer Kate Anne does here. 

Wind Chime

The Oriental shorthair is a distinct breed that is sometimes mistaken with its Siamese cousin. These cats, unlike Siamese, have green eyes and come in a variety of patterns, hues, and shades, including black and white.  

Container Gardening

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