A24 Booked Colman Domingo Drama ‘Sing Sing’ 

The cast of the movie, which centers on a rehabilitation performing arts jail program, is largely made up of artists who have served time behind bars.The Colman Domingo-led drama Sing Sing, which had its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival and is about a performing arts prison program, has been acquired by A24 for the American market.

The film is directed by Greg Kwedar and centers on the Rehabilitation Through the Arts (RTA) program, which is a real-life initiative conducted out of the named jail that involves inmates creating and performing in theatrical musicals. 

As they create an original production, the tale revolves around the camaraderie of RTA alums John "Divine G" Whitfield (played by Domingo) and Clarence "Divine Eye" Maclin, who plays himself. 

The rest of the ensemble cast is made up of former prisoners who participated in the RTA program, with the exception of Oscar contender Paul Paci, who plays the resident director of the program.

The movie, which was written by Clint Bentley, Brent Buell, and Kwedar, was financed and produced by Black Bear, the Marfa Peach Company, and Edith Productions.

"The movie moves at a leisurely pace that some viewers may find tiresome. The film stimulates independent investigation regarding the initiative and the production team's own ethical production model, which rewards patient viewers, according to a review of the movie in The Hollywood Reporter.

The contract was handled by CAA Media Finance on behalf of the filmmakers. Black Bear is offering foreign territory for sale.

This agreement is made before the Toronto festival, which has already seen a few agreements. Netflix acquired the rights to Anna Kendrick's debut feature film, Woman of the Hour, in a low eight-figure price. 

"Age is just a word for living," said Anne Hathaway.

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