A U.N. agency in Gaza struggles to provide aid after 102 workers are killed.

The United Nations organisation that aids Palestinian refugees was having financial difficulties even before the war. It now faces a more serious crisis.

Five weeks of intense Israeli bombing have resulted in the deaths of at least 102 employees of the largest United Nations organisation in Gaza. 

According to U.N. officials, the majority died at home, frequently in strikes that also claimed the lives of family members, rather than while performing their duties.

They comprised both genders. The majority of them were educators. Principals of schools, employees in warehouses, engineers, gynaecologists, software developers, and a man overseeing staff safety were among the others

 According to Juliette Touma, the media coordinator for UNRWA, the organisation that provides assistance to Palestinian refugees 

their descendants throughout the Middle East, he was murdered in his home alongside his spouse and their eight children.

"It's a massive, massive loss," Ms. Touma exclaimed. "We receive more and more reports of our colleagues' deaths every day."

Since Hamas, which rules the enclave, launched a deadly surprise attack on Israel on October 7, killing about 1,200 people—mostly civilians—and taking another roughly 240 hostages, the UNRWA employees—all Palestinians—have perished in Gaza.

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