A popular teen webtoon and a 2021 K-drama will be adapted into an anime.

True Beauty, a popular webtoon, became extremely successful once its live-action remake premiered in 2021. 

The series is currently being adapted into an anime, and here's all you need to know about it.

Teenagers have always been drawn to the romance genre, and it appears that the anime industry has huge ambitions to maintain the trend. 

 True Beauty, the popular webtoon and K-drama, is having a Korean animation adaptation, it was just confirmed.

True Beauty is about a girl who undergoes a makeover metamorphosis after being bullied for her "not-so-good" appearance.

The series began as a webtoon in 2018 and wowed every K-drama lover with an on-screen adaptation in 2021.

During the Crunchyroll Anime NYC 2023 event, it was reported that the True Beauty anime adaptation is already in the works and will hit the screens in 2024. 

Aside from that, we got to view the amazing key visual with the major protagonists. 

The poster has a different graphical style than typical Japanese animation.

She enters a competition to become the True Beauty Goddess at her new school.

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