A.J. Brown could become the first wide receiver to earn NFL MVP.

Jerry Rice played only 12 games for the San Francisco 49ers in 1987 due to an NFL Players Association strike. Despite this, 

he managed 65 receptions, 1,078 yards, and 22 touchdowns (extrapolated to today's 17-game schedule, that's 92 for 1,527 and 31 touchdowns). Oh, and he also rushed for a touchdown.

It was enough for Rice to win strong support as the NFL's Most Valuable Player, finishing second behind Denver quarterback

 John Elway (36 for 42.9 percent). Joe Montana, another Niners player, won the remaining 18 votes.

That is the closest a wide receiver has ever been to being awarded MVP in the award's 67-year history.

Cooper Kupp of the Los Angeles Rams received one vote in 2021. Randy Moss had four as a rookie for Minnesota in 1998. Aside from that, 

the list of wide receivers who have received considerable MVP votes is dominated by Jerry Rice

(votes in six seasons during his remarkable career). Rice also finished second (with 11.4 percent of the vote) in 1995 and third in 1993 and 1994.

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