A Gospel Grammy nominee is almost kicked off a plane for singing.

A Delta flight attendant told gospel singer Bobbi Storm in a widely shared video that she would be removed if she did not obey his instructions to be quiet.

A gospel singer was threatened with ejection from a Delta Air Lines flight after refusing to stop singing because she was "doing what the Lord" told her to.

Bobbi Storm, the singer, shared a video on social media of herself and a flight attendant calmly arguing because Ms. Storm wanted to sing on the plane before takeoff and the flight attendant wanted her to be quiet.

Ms. Storm's four-minute video was panned online by those who accused her of being disruptive. 

Others, however, praised it, prompting Ms. Storm to post two more videos explaining what had happened and why she had chosen to sing.

"When we get to the end of a flight, we talk on phones, we talk to neighbors, sometimes we yell across the plane, so what's the problem with asking people and them giving me the go

to share something that I'm proud of, something that God has done for me, with the rest of the world," she said in a video.

It was unclear when the flight took place, where it began, or where it was headed.

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