First-generation UNR students make an altar for the Day of the Dead in honor of their loved ones.

As a method of paying tribute to the deceased, people construct Day of the Dead altars on Dia de los Muertos. 

A major event in Mexico and among Mexican-American communities was attended by the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) this year.

First-Generation Student Center's community altar is on display on the third level of the Joe Crowley Student Union. On exhibit at the university are twelve shrines honoring the Day of the Dead.

According to Kenia Ramirez Moreno, a center staffer, "it's all about celebrating life." 

"The colors make that very evident. These hues are not subdued. These are pretty bright fall orange yellows and whites to tone things down.

This year, the seven-foot-long altar is out in the open for everyone to see instead of being arranged within their office.

Teresa Silva, an employee at the institution, explained, "We are setting up our Dia de Los Muertos altar to kind of just give our students a sense of belonging." 

"Just keeping in mind all of their departed friends, family members, and pets, and making sure they're visible on campus, just representing them and their culture."

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