9 surprising signs your baby is highly intelligent

Early Communication: Highly intelligent babies often display advanced communication skills for their age. This might include early attempts at babbling, responding to sounds or voices earlier than expected, or attempting to mimic facial expressions or gestures 

Intense Curiosity: Bright babies tend to exhibit a keen sense of curiosity about their surroundings. They may show a strong interest in exploring their environment, toys, or objects.  

Unusual Alertness: Intelligence can sometimes be perceived through heightened alertness and awareness. Intelligent babies may appear more alert and observant, taking in their surroundings, responding to changes in the environment, and showing a quicker reaction to visual or auditory stimuli. 

Exceptional Memory: Some babies may display surprising memory retention for their age. For instance, they might remember and recognize people or objects, display a preference for specific toys or activities, or recall patterns or sequences more rapidly than expected. 

Early Motor Skills: Highly intelligent infants might demonstrate advanced motor skills for their age, such as early attempts at crawling, standing, or walking. They might reach these milestones earlier or display more coordinated movements. 

Complex Problem-Solving: While it might seem surprising, babies can exhibit problem-solving abilities early on. Intelligent infants might demonstrate this by attempting to solve simple problems, like reaching for a toy placed just out of reach or figuring out how to open a container. 

Strong Emotional Awareness: Bright babies can show an advanced level of emotional intelligence by being more responsive to emotions, both theirs and others'. They might display empathy or show signs of trying to comfort someone when they perceive distress. 

Early and Varied Interests: Some highly intelligent infants display intense interests in particular subjects or objects, focusing on them for longer periods.  

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